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Case studies

Andrea Caputo

British fashion label Alexander McQueen enlisted Milan-based architecture and research firm Andrea Caputo to create an intricate aluminium structure for presenting their new collection. This collection needed to be first shown in Dubai and a few days later in Seoul.

Andrea Caputo came to us with the challenge of realising this design as a reusable structure made completely from aluminium joints and square tubing. The structure needed to be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily and also be as small and light as possible for international transportation. There was a very tight deadline for this project.

Using 3D CAD we made our own drawings of the structure and within a week we had made the intricate joints and square tubing into a portable, easy to assemble kit.
Where necessary the joints and tubes were coded on the inside, making construction and deconstruction quick and easy.


The Hague-based restaurant Waterproef enlisted stand- and interior builder Woodfever to create an impressive structure above the bar.

Woodfever approached us for help with their design as the complicated structure would be made completely from bronze anodised aluminium joints and square tubing, they needed a connection system that would be strong enough to support the construction and could be easily implemented. They chose Topclamp original.

As access through the doorway was limited, the structure needed to be brought inside in prefabricated kit-form and assembled onsite.

The supporting beams above the bar formed irregular angles with the walls and ceiling so we had to match each angle independently using prefabricated, custom designed mounting plates. Using this method with Topclamp the new construction fitted seamlessly to the old and helped achieve a quick, easy installation.

Nationaal archief

The National Archive of the Netherlands enlisted us to make black powder coated structures for a new exhibition. They contacted us because they wanted to reuse the parts to make different structures for each new exhibition.

We also delivered the white and yellow foiled steel sheets and a magnet system for easy assembly and disassembly of the sheets.

As well as the structures we also made transportation carts so the Topclamp parts can be moved easily from room to room through the elevator.