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Dutch Innovation Systems Products


Dutch Innovation Systems products have a premium quality look and feel.

The clean lines and elegant design of the components highlight your products or presentation without distracting your visitors attention. By choosing the right finish, the look of your structure can be changed from understated to eye-catching.

The distinctive, clean design of our products set your structure apart in comparison to the usual, old established construction methods.



Our components are generally made from single materials which allows for very efficient recycling, the few components made from different materials have been designed to be easily separated for recycling.

Our construction systems are completely reusable; the same parts can be used many times at different locations and for different structures. Due to this flexibility, the same components can be used in many constructions, making them very economical.

The components are durable and do not rust. In case of damage to structures, only the damaged part needs to be replaced or repaired, not the entire structure.

We send constructions in a compact kit, this requires less space and resources during transportation. As the production is carried out in our own factory we can keep transport emissions to a minimum.


Our systems are purposefully designed with ease-of-use in mind. The design of the joints make the positioning self-evident . The connection direction and position in the assembly are also clearly documented.

We supply well defined drawings so assembly and disassembly is child’s play.

Expensive, highly trained technical personnel are not required, assembly or disassembly of Topclamp structures can be done by anyone due to the simplicity of the construction.

By delivering the structures complete in kit form it allows larger structures to be carried out in spaces with limited access due to doorway restrictions.

Ease of mind

A simple sketch or drawing with dimensions is sufficient for us to send a specified quote including drawing.

The drawing shows the structure as it would be in the offered solution. This gives a great quick overview of what to expect when placing the order.

We will respond quickly to your request and are happy to help you further work-out your project.

We can also offer additional materials, accessoiries or special custom parts to be delivered along with the stucture compontens in the kit for an ”one-stop shop” experience.

After receiving the order you can always contact us for any questions you might have or support you might need.

Rush orders for custom projects are also possible. We can arrange worldwide shipping.



  • Interior projects
  • Exhibition stands
  • Displays
  • Modular units
  • Furniture
  • Light fixtures
  • Interior decoration 
  • Sunshades / pergolas / carports
  • Design fencing
  • Art installations 
  • Tiny houses
  • Museum structures
  • Retail structures
  • Event structures
  • Restaurant structures
  • Tv studio structures 
  • Podium structures