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Topclamp Wood

Topclamp Wood are high quality joints for square wooden beams

  • Outstanding quality
  • Unique clean design
  • Reusable and sustainable
  • Intuitive, easy and quick
  • Endles customisation is possible
  • Products shipped in compact kit-form
  • Direct support from our engineering team
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Topclamp Wood is available in 4 sizes:

    60 mm – inner dimension 52 x 52 mm
    70 mm – inner dimension 62 x 62 mm
    80 mm – inner dimension 70 x 70 mm
    100 mm – inner dimension 90 x 90 mm

    As standard the parts are uncoated (plain / natural aluminium and greyish nylon).
    On request we can coat the parts in a colour and finish of choice.

    Topclamp Wood connection


    The joints are purposely designed with ease of use in mind. The design of the joints make the positioning self-evident and angles easy.

    Extra strong stainless steel C1 selfdrilling torx screws are included.

    A demonstration of Topclamp Wood can be found in the video below.

    Topclamp Wood

    A wide variety of joints, profiles and accesories are available, you can find an overview and price in the price list.

    Custom joints and components are also possible. Special angles, additinional holes etc. can be made on request.

    For a flush transition between the beam and the joint you can use a beam of the same size ast the outer size of the joint and mill the end of the beam.

    Application examples

    For more examples please visit the gallery

    We can make a specified quote based on a drawing / sketch with dimentions or a list of parts.

    We often accompany our quotes with a clear drawing indicating the parts and lengths of profiles.

    Technical specifications and 3d models are available on the download page.

    Please send your enquiry including any extra information to [email protected],com or fill in the webform.

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